Thursday, August 02, 2007


Well, we went in to see Sweetie's OB doc today so she could get an exam and have an ultrasound done. Kiddo came with us and sat in on the ultrasound part of the appointment. Normally they don't allow kids in for the ultrasound, but since Sweetie is one of the nurses in that office, they made an exception for us. And Kiddo's proven that he can be a good boy, sit still and pay attention when he needs to. He's been excited for a few days now about getting to see pictures of his little brother or sister. I had warned him this morning that the pictures he was going to see weren't going to look like the baby photographs he was probably expecting, and he was fine with that.

From what we could see on the ultrasound, everything's going well. Good, strong heartbeat--that's the first thing I looked for when the image came up on the monitor. As long as I could see that little heart beating, everything else was just icing on the cake. And there it was, at 171 beats per minute. And there were the arm buds, and the leg buds, and the head. Lookin' good.

Kiddo was mesmerized. He didn't take his eyes off that monitor until everything was finished. The ultrasound tech printed off a couple of pics for us, with the standard "Hi, Mom and Dad" typed across the bottom. She printed off one for Kiddo, too, that said "Hi Big Brother!" When she handed it to him, you could tell that Kiddo just thought he was the bee's knees. We walked around the office after the appointment to talk with some of Sweetie's coworkers, and Kiddo made sure everyone we talked to got to see his picture of his little brother or sister.

Okay, maybe I'm just emotional because it's late as I type, but I'm getting all weepy-eyed right now thinking about how proud Kiddo was. He's going to be an incredible big brother.

The baby's official due date has been pegged as March 7th. Since Sweetie's already had a cesearean, that means this delivery will be via c-section too, which means we get to pick the date. Usually, they'd do a scheduled c-section on the weekday closest to 39 weeks.

We looked at the calendar. Thanks to 2008 being a leap year, that would put it on February 29th.

Not gonna do that. Nope. No way.

So unless something happens on its own earlier, our new addition should be arriving on Thursday, February 28, 2008.

02-28-08. Cool. I like the symmetry of it.



LutherPunk said...

That is really cool. Every ultrasound was always emotional, just that desire to be close to the one that was already so loved.

David said...

Yeah.....exactly what LP said.

LawAndGospel said...

Been reading yoru blog for awhile without commenting. But as the mom it is very cool to read the Dad's comments. Really cool. Congrats.

Rev Scott said...

What, you can't be troubled to post the pics?


Smiling as I think of you & the family. Oh, and AJ says she can't wait to have a little girl to play with. Think she knows something?