Sunday, August 19, 2007

Theme and Variations

So yesterday, Kiddo decided to release his inner Billy Joel with a command performance of his hit Theme and Variations on Mary Had a Little Lamb. Which comes complete with a zen statement (everything is snow), a rockin' piano solo in the middle, and even a whispered bridge section for dramatic emphasis. And not long after he starts, he realizes that his sheet music is upside-down. =)



Rev Scott said...

Oh, that's TOO FUNNY!

David said...

That's priceless!

RuthRE said...


Scott-pastor said...

Thats ... great - "Tony" the Tiger
noticed that he even played better after turning the page over.
Start him on lessons after he can read -- or is there suzuki piano method?

RevHRod said...

Hooray for him! I hope he stays this cool for a long, long time.