Wednesday, September 09, 2009

As a parent, I LIVE for things like this...

Pumpkin still takes an afternoon nap each day. Kiddo usually doesn't. Every once in a while, though, he'll have "rest time" because he really needs it. Maybe he was up late the night before, maybe he didn't sleep well, maybe he's been whiny all morning.

And, I have to admit, every once in a while, he has "rest time" while Pumpkin's napping because Mommy and Daddy are tired, are about to keel over from sheer exhaustion, and desperately need a nap themselves.

I'll wait for a moment while those of you without children finish passing judgement.

Okay. Ready to continue?

This past Monday was one of those days. We had had a LONG weekend (VERY fun, but long) at a camp staff reunion, we had spent the morning taking care of things around the house, Sweetie's been nursing a cold anyway, and our eyelids were noticably droopy. So off to bed Kiddo went immediately after we had laid Pumpkin down for her nap, with instructions that he could read quietly or color pictures.

And off to bed we went.

When I got up to get the kids a little over an hour later, there was a picture Kiddo had colored sitting on his desk:

At the top, in 5 year-old phonics, he wrote "I AM HAPPY AT U R MI SISOODR."

"I am happy that you are my sister."

Yes, it was for Pumpkin.

It amazes me, honestly, that he never thinks of her as an intrusion in his life. She takes time and attention that we could be giving to him, she sometimes gets in the way when he's trying to do things, or plays with his toys when he doesn't want her to...but he ADORES her. I have NEVER seen a big brother with more love for his little sister than Kiddo has for Pumpkin.



Friday, September 04, 2009

Kiddo Meets the Huskers!!!!

Tonight, Sweetie and I took the kids to the Wick alumni Center at UNL for their first "Football Friday." We got to hear Matt Davison and Tommie Frazier talk football for a while and take questions from the audience, we got to eat Runzas and Vals pizza and have beers and Pepsi products, and Kiddo got his hat signed. Tommie Frazier didn't have a Sharpie on him, so he asked Kiddo if he could borrow ours to sign autographs for the rather lengthy line that formed when he was done speaking. Fun times!

And tomorrow...GO BIG RED!!!!!

Matt Davison signs Kiddo's hat:


Listening to the "chalk talk":

"Touchdown Tommie" Frazier!

Tommie and Kiddo: