Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy Songs

There are songs out there that, for me at least, are...well, transporting isn't the right word but it's the closest I can come. They take me somewhere else. It's a feeling of happiness, I'm ready to begin a long summer road trip.

Without a doubt the #1 song that does that for me is "I Got A Name" by Jim Croce. (The English major in me cringes typing the incorrect grammar in the title, but a title's a title!) There's something about the lyrics, the running guitar and soaring of my favorite songs ever. Here's a clip:

Are there any songs that take you to a "happy place?"



David said...

Jim Croce was and still is great. I remember my very first favorite song when I was a kid was "Time In A Bottle."

Christy said...

This topic was right up my alley, so I wrote my own post about it!!

RuthRE said...

Georgie Girl.....that's one for me :)