Sunday, March 25, 2007

Taylor Hicks Sioux City!!!

More to come, but here's a clip before I head to bed! Wooooo!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that video...loved it!

Taylor didn't play the harmonica the night I was in St Charles...but he played some awesome guitar.

Linda said...

Thanks so much! Was that an awesome show or what. By the way, you were right, Iowa and Sioux City in particular showed our Bama boy a lot of love last night and I was so thrilled for him.
Now we in the central part of the Iowa need to have come back, to Ames or Des Moines. I think Mr. Taylor R. Hicks will be singing and entertaining us for a long, long time. He sure did "take us to church" last, and I so glad, even if I am a nice little Jewish Grandmother!