Saturday, March 10, 2007

Guys' Day Out

Yesterday was a good day.

Kiddo and I got to spend the day together, since his daycare provider took the day off and Sweetie had to work. So, we had Guys' Day Out.

It rocked.

We took our time getting ready in the morning--by 9:00 we were ready to go. First stop was Jiffy Lube...the minivan was due for its first oil change. Kiddo thought it was really cool that there was a big hole in the floor and a guy standing up underneath our van--he watched the whole thing through a window in the waiting room.

Next stop was at the Lutheran Student Center, so we could drop off an RSVP for their Partner Appreciation Sunday luncheon and say hi to the folks there. Kiddo had told me he was thirsty on the way, and I knew we'd be able to get him some water too. Really cool "church professional dad" moment: the office manager asked Kiddo what he was doing that day, and just out of the blue he replied, "when I was a little baby, I was baptized." It had nothing to do with her question, but wow.

Next we drove downtown and I found a parking meter with 20 minutes left on it. We got out and just walked around for a while, looking at the big buildings, the sidewalk sculptures, all the cars driving by, etc. From there it was a short drive up to Memorial Stadium. We found a parallel parking spot right across from the stadium with 30 minutes left on the meter, and walked to the northwest corner of the stadium, where the players take the field. Even from outside, you can still see part of the field. Kiddo was amazed that he was looking at where the Huskers played football on TV. He asked if he could see more, so we strolled over to the new Tom Osborne Athletic Complex. THe guy working security said we were welcome to look around in the lobby as well as a separate room off to the left that led to the new (and HUGE) weight room. So we checked it out, and Kiddo spent about 5 minutes watching a few football players "exercising" (as he called it) in the weight room.

After returning to the car, we returned a video to Blockbuster, went to the bank, and picked up some milk at the grocery store. On our way home to drop off the milk, Donna Lewis's song I Love You, Always, Forever was on the radio. Here's a transcript of our conversation:

Kiddo: What's the name of this song?
Me: I Love You, Always, Forever.
Kiddo: That's what Jesus says!
Me: (heart bursting) Who does he say that to?
Kiddo: Everybody!
LH's Heart: ka-BLAMMMMM!!!!

Well, after that, he had me wrapped around his little finger (as if he didn't before!). My plan had been to drop the milk off, grab a quick lunch at home, then go to Kiddo's haircut appointment at 1:00, but from looking at the clock, we were running a bit short on time. SO...I told him if he was a REALLY good boy getting his haircut that just MAYBE we could go to McDonald's afterwards for lunch for a hamburger and some friench fries (which was very works-righteousness of me, but was an example of Luther's lesser known Fourth Use of the Law for Three Year-Olds). His response?

Kiddo: I don't like hamburgers very much...but I'll have some chicken nuggets!
Me: Sure!
Kiddo: And can I have chocolate milk too?

So we got his haircut, and went to McDonalds. It was cool just hanging out at the restaurant, talking about important things like balloons and dinosaurs and the melting snow. He fell asleep in the car on our way home and slept for an additional 45 minutes after we got back, but after waking up from his nap wanted to go back outside. It was simply gorgeous out today--got up into the 50's, so he and I took a long walk together, and we were able to get out his windbreaker for the first time since fall. It's red and has a hood on it--he pulled up his hood, looked in the mirror, and said, "I look like Little Red Riding Hood, Daddy!" I snorted so hard at that I had to grab a tissue.

We went on a long walk together, each had a big cup of water when we came back inside, and worked together to clean up the house before Sweetie got home.

Yes, yesterday was a good day. Nothing momentous, other than a dad and his son getting to spend the day together, doing stuff, talking and having fun.

On second thought, maybe it was momentous.



Rev Scott said...

Hoo, boy - you just might have the cutest kid EVER! What a wonderful day you had - thanks for sharing.

RuthRE said...

Awwwwww :)

Christopher L. Saraga said...

Thank you for being a fatherly example that many of us need to see. What wonderful memories were made that day!