Monday, March 12, 2007

Thursday Three

Last Thursday, my good friend Husker Teacher started something he's calling Thursday Three (which is like a Friday Five, except it's a day earlier and 2 items shorter).

Well, I didn't see the post until Friday, and haven't had the chance to post one of my own until today, which would be...Monday. SO, I guess that actually makes this a Thursday (Plus Four) Three? Would that then be a Thursday Seven?

I'm so confused...

This week's Thursday Three: Dreams often help us achieve more than we thought possible. They give us a goal, or perhaps put our engines into gear. Tell about three dreams you have. They can be attainable or outright unreasonable, it's up to you.

I've decided to go with 2 attainable goals and one outright unreasonable goal (I'll let you decide which is which)...and by the way, if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged--feel free to play along, and leave a comment with a link to your answers! Here's mine:

1) Someday, I wanna publish something. Whether it's a book, or music, or a book of music, or music about books, or something entirely different, it would be so cool to have something published.

2) Another dream of mine is to play and sing a duet with Billy Joel. Going back and forth on Scenes From An Italian Restaurant or Summer, Highland Falls or Vienna would be wicked cool. A corollary to this dream is that I'd also love to front a Billy Joel tribute band. We'd call ourselves The Strangers ("they're the faces of a stranger but you love to try them on...").

3) Sweetie loves Oprah, and it's a dream of hers to someday be in the studio audience for a show taping. My dream is to someday get her the tickets. I've tried for over three years now, and have been wildly unsuccessful in my attempts. Every month, there's one day where you can call in and request tickets for the following month. That's as far in advance as it gets. And the phone lines are so jammed, you basically spend eight hours not listening to busy signals, but listening to that damned "all circuits are busy now" message.

I hate the "all circuits are busy now" lady. I really do. Why does she have to sound so smug? Can't she be just the tiniest bit apologetic?



Rev Scott said...

Consider me an applicant for the role of rhythm guitarist and fellow vocalist for The Strangers - in fact, we should try to get them going next time I'm in town! :-)

Linda Roberts said...

Hello neighbor, posting from here in Iowa and counting the days till we get to see and hear Mr. Hicks. We who post on the Boogie Board are hoping and praying that the heartland will show Taylor as much and love support as he's been receiving in the south..
any thoughts on this?

Brian said...

Glad you played! Well done. I'm with you on the publishing thing - though I feel you're much closer than I am!!

RuthRE said...

Witholding personal opinion of Oprah....

Hey! Turns out I'm leading our Wed worship this week. Sans pieano... BUT I've decided that my fretted prowess will be put to good use....using ELW # 703! Thanks for mentioning that's one of my favorite hymn tunes...and perfect for lent!

LutheranHusker said...

Scott--even if you don't bring Red with you, I've got a guitar you can borrow next time you're here. Do you realize we've never really had an honest-to-goodness jam session? For the sake of The Strangers, that's gotta change!

Ruth--let me know how Wednesday goes...and if Paul Simon happens to stop in for a visit!

LutheranHusker said...

Linda--Hi, neighbor! Yeah, I think Tay's gonna do just fine wherever he goes on this tour. It was very smart of him to book smaller venues (but not too small). 2,000 folks in a 2,000 seat auditorium feels a heckuva lot bigger than 2,000 folks in a 12,000 seat arena. And, those who are there are more bound to be rabid (or semi-rabid) fans. Oughta be a great show--can't wait!

Linda said...

Think my 2nd comment yesterday got lost out there in cyberspace.........wondered if you'd heard about Taylor using a drum line from a local school while doing his concert in Birmingham? He thought up this idea for his 1st cut on the CD, "Runaround". It sure sounded great from what I have heard and read. Wondered if that would be possible in other locations, such as Sioux City? What a treat for those kids!
Nice to hear from you too!