Friday, March 30, 2007

It Is Marvelous! Part 2

Yesterday I posted about a hymn I wrote...I've since had three separate requests to hear what it sounds like. Now Fridays are my day off, and I try to be as strict as I can about not going to the "office" on my days off...however, I was out and about today checking items off my weekly Friday "honey-do" list, so I made an exception and stopped by the church.

The only digital recording device I own is my camera, so not only do you get to hear the hymn, you also get to see almost 4 full minutes of an empty sanctuary as seen from next to the organ in the balcony! What a treat...

There's a short introduction at the beginning, and I didn't sing along, which will be a relief to many of you I'm sure. I also added the requisite "half-step festival keychange on the final stanza" (which isn't part of the sheet music, but which I think sounds nice).

And please be kind--while I prefer the sound of the organ for this piece, I'm a much better pianist than organist.

So, without further ado, I give you: the World Wide Web debut of It Is Marvelous!



Aunt Jan said...

Thanks so much for doing this.... on your day off yet. It is Marvelous! and now I can sing it. My prayers are with you that the Palm Sunday sevice and anniversary are great events. Wish we could be there to sing and praise God with you and your family.
Love and God bless,
Aunt Jan

Trish said...

Hey, I dug the sound of the hymn. I wish you WOULD have sung it! Trust me; there is no way you could be worse at singing than I am. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing.