Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Ramblings

  • Yesterday, when I got home from work, there was an instrument case sitting on our driveway. Upon further inspection, turned out to be holding a saxophone...and a pretty nice, new-looking one at that. We live a few blocks away from a Catholic elementary school as well as a public elementary school, and I figured a kid from one of those schools probably stopped to have a snowball fight or something, then completely forgot they were carrying their sax home and went the rest of the way home without it. There wasn't any identification on it at all, so I couldn't call we decided to leave it out front until it got dark (which was about a half-hour later), then bring it in and call both the schools this morning. Well, I got a call back from the Catholic school about an hour ago. They made the kid call and apologize for leaving it in my driveway, and make arrangements to pick it up. Well, today's my day off so I told him no problem, I'd just drop it off at the school. You know, the apology was completely unnecessary, but it was very cool that they had him make the call himself. I just got back from bringing the wayward sax to the school...the head nun thanked me and said the child in question owed me some extra prayers. I wish I could have come up with some kind of witty answer about the theology of "prayer payment," but all I could think of was "no problem." Ah well. It's probably for the best anyway that I didn't create some kind of ecumenical crisis. =)

  • Last night, Kiddo woke up not once but twice with poopy diapers. And, as always, when he wakes up with them, he makes sure Daddy also wakes up with cries of "I'm poopy! I'm poooooooooooopy!" I had to laugh out loud the second time, though. I had him lay on the floor, and as I started cleaning him up he looked at me with the most serious expression on his face and said "I HAVE to stop DOING this!"

  • Last night was also the long-awaited musical Scrubs episode. That one's going in my top-5 episodes of any show in any short, it was amazing. The music was actually very good, with a bunch of different song styles, alternately hilarious and touching, and more than one nod to some well-known Broadway musicals (42nd Street, Grease, and Les Miserables, as well as Pirates of Penzance, a rock-opera and those big-production movie musicals of the 1950's). A lyric sample from one of the group numbers (modeled on "We Go Together" from Grease): "We’re as close as the vena cava and the aorta, we go together like diverticulitis and a barium enema." haven't lived until you've seen Dr. Cox do one of his patented rants in the style of A Modern Major General! The music and lyrics were written by the folks who did the current Broadway hit Avenue Q, and they brought the same smart yet off-the-wall sensibility to what they did here. I wish I had a way to post the whole episode here...I'm telling ya, if you missed it last night and EVER get the chance to see it, don't miss it again. =) I did find two clips that don't even begin to do the show justice, but are better than nothing. The first is another song from the episode (I posted Everything Comes Down To Poo below). This one's called Guy Love, where Turk and J.D., best friends since college, profess their mostly-hetero best-friend love for each other. The song is exactly what was in the episode last night, though NBC chose to release this clip in the style of a music video...the "flashbacks" while they're singing (as well as the shots of them singing in the studio) weren't part of the episode. Funny stuff though:

The other clip is a general overview of the entire get to hear at least little pieces of a couple of the other songs here as well as snippets of interviews with the cast:

Enjoy, and happy Friday!!!!

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