Thursday, January 25, 2007

Baptized and Set Free

3 years ago today, Kiddo was baptized. Sweetie and I are trying our best to "raise him wet," teaching him about the God who created him, the Savior who redeemed him, and the Spirit who is active in his life.

That's a lot for a 32 year-old brain to process, nevermind a 3 year-old.

For now, we're content knowing these things:
  • that he loves to sing Jesus Loves Me.

  • That anything T-shaped he sees he'll point to and say "look, a cross! Just like in church!"

  • That he'll reprimand me if my hands aren't folded when he says his bedtime prayers.

  • That he thinks every picture of a bearded man in his Childrens Bible is Jesus.
All the other stuff will come in time.

But as for today, here's the lyrics to one of my new favorite songs about baptism (it's to the tune of When In Our Music God Is Glorified, if you happen to know that hymn)...and a picture of Kiddo from the big day 3 years ago:

We Know That Christ Is Raised

by John Geyer

We know that Christ is raised and dies no more.

Embraced by death, he broke its fearful hold,

and our despair he turned to blazing joy.


We share by water in his saving death.

Reborn, we share with him an Easter life,

As living members of our Savior Christ.


The Father's splendor clothes the Son with life.

The Spirit's fission shakes the church of God.

Baptized, we live with God the Three in One.


A new creation comes to life and grows

as Christ's new body takes on flesh and blood.

The universe restored and whole will sing:




Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Kudos to a family trying their best to live up to what Luther called "a high and holy calling"... parenting in the faith that is! I see too many families give in or give up - how refreshing your honesty & struggle. Surely goodness & mercy shall follow your little one all the days of their life!

Rev Scott said...

Amen, buddy. Can't wait to do the same for our AJ.