Thursday, February 08, 2007

With apologies to Charles Schulz

RevScott's response here to my unpacking of the word "eucharist" got the ol' LutheranHusker brain churning. Unlike the good Reverend, I am not a self-proclaimed "Greek dork," but I know enough to be dangerous.

So with the magic of Microsoft Paint (which unfortunately doesn't include, as far as I could tell at least, a way to insert accent marks) and the little knowledge I have (so anyone who actually knows Koine Greek will have to excuse me if this isn't in the correct voice or mood, etc.), I give you: the incomparable Charlie Brown:

Three guesses as to what he's saying! =)

P.S. I realize what's up there is most likely not a real word...but much like one of my favorite t-shirts (Carpe Fish...Seize the Fish), that's part of the fun!

Well, I guess this makes it official. While I'm not a Greek dork, I am just an all-around dork.



Rev Scott said...

"I got a Petros."

There. Now we're even for all your 'crappy' comments the other day. Or maybe I'm slightly ahead.

LutheranHusker said...

Except it's "penthos"...

...or at least that's what I meant to write! =)

Pink Shoes said...

Followed a link from RevScott -- good to read another Lutheran. And, let's hear it for LCM -- 100 years strong this year!

LutheranHusker said...

Okay...that's what I get for trying to respond to humor at the end of a draining day...

RevScott, your humor was so profound that it completely sailed over my head until JUST NOW. =)

I was so busy being worried that I had looked up the wrong word, that the "eu" prefix might have an alternate meaning if used in front of different words, etc. that it never occurred to me that you might have been making a pretty freakin' funny joke! Well done, sir. Well done.