Monday, February 12, 2007

"Hallowed be MY name..."

Or so reads the Lord's Prayer According to Kiddo. We've been saying the Lord's Prayer together at bedtime for the last month or so, and if a proud daddy may say so himself, he seems to have picked it up pretty well. =)

Last night for the first time I got him started, but let him take it by himself the rest of the way. He remembered it so well that I rushed downstairs to get the digital camera and have him say it again (I know, making it a parental media event kind of reduces the "prayerfulness" of it all...but at the same time I'm convinced that if God were a human parent he'd TOTALLY be breaking out the digital camera every chance he got and would have a wallet so full of pictures of his kids...well, he'd be the person you quit inviting to parties because you're just so tired of him going on and on and on about how much he loves his kids...but I digress.).

So anyway, here's Kiddo from last night. He apparently doesn't believe in forgiving those who trespass against us, but other than that he got it all in there. And it's obvious that he's not comprehending 95% of what he's saying, but as is the case with so many things, the comprehension can come later. It's so danged important to take advantage of the learning sponges kids are at this age--the words will be permanently etched in his mind, and he'll have the rest of his life to grow into the meaning of what he's saying.

And please don't quit inviting me to parties. =)


Anonymous said...

Aiden and I just watched Kiddo, and Aiden was soooooo excited that his cousin says the same prayer he does!! We had to watch it a couple times, so he could join in! :)

Anonymous said...

very sweet!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you're a big fat show off. :)
Lil Sis