Friday, February 02, 2007

Kiddo tidbits

1) This morning, as Sweetie and I were discussing that something was going to cost $5,000:

"That's a lot of money in my piggybank!!!!"

2) You know you're officially a parent when your 3 year-old asks to have his stuffed Elmo and lizard animals laying on the floor at night...and in the pitch black of night you're able by feel alone to pull them out of the closet on the first try.

3) About 2 minutes ago (actually, while I was typing #2 above), Kiddo called me back into his room (he's supposed to be trying to sleep). He was whining.

Kiddo: aaaaahhhhh....

Me: What's wrong? Are you mad?

Kiddo: No.

Me: Are you sad?

Kiddo: Yes.

Me: Why?

Kiddo: Because Jesus isn't here...and God.

Me: Jesus is always with you. God is always there. No matter what happens. You don't need to be sad. You need to be happy about that!

Kiddo: Jesus loves me even when I'm sad?

Me: (heart shattering into about a million pieces) Oh yes he does, Kiddo. And so do I. And so does Mommy. (And none of us will ever be able to tell you just how much we love you. But with any luck at all, someday you'll understand...)


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