Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Why the new name?

Well, first a confession. When I began this blog in October, my original intent was to remain completely anonymous. I figured I'd just write about anything and everything, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Hence the Anonymous (Pipe)Dreamer tag.

It wasn't very long at all before I decided that I wanted to let people in on my "secret." It was about a week, in fact. Woo hoo. I held out a whole week. Actually, I think it was even less time than that. So I told friends and family about the blog, included it as a tag on my email address, etc. But then I was no longer anonymous. I only looked pretentious.

The more time that went on, the more it began to bother me that I was calling myself anonymous, AND that my blog title and "pen name" had nothing to do with my faith, which is of utmost importance to me.

So here we are. The Anonymous (Pipe)Dreamer is now LutheranHusker. I still, for the sake of safety, intend to speak in generalities when referring to life's details: names and such (one can never be too careful). Sweetie and Kiddo will retain their blog identities. But at least the blog is continuing to evolve as I grow into what I'm trying to do with it.

And the blog's new title is entirely intentional as well. These are not posts of a confessional nature in the way we often think of confessions (actually, this particular post is an exception to that, now that I think of it). I'm not here to pour out my sins, though some of that may very well happen. Another very Lutheran definition of confession is a statement of belief. More often than not, that's what I've written, and will continue to write about. What is it I believe? What do I believe about God, about life, about friends, family, football, music, and so on and so forth...how do the many and varied pieces of my life fit together?

So here I am, world. LutheranHusker. Saved by grace through faith, and living in God's country west of Omaha.


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sure make it difficult to find...thanks...ha ha