Friday, December 01, 2006

Thoughts of a Precocious 2 Year-Old

Some word-for-word quotes The Kiddo has said in the last 24 hours:

Said very loudly upon seeing a boxing match on TV in the restaurant where we were ordering food:
"Those guys aren't being very nice to each other."

After overhearing my wife and I discussing a football team that lost a game:
"They lost just like the Yankees lose!" (Wrong sport, but right sentiment...daddy was very proud after hearing that one!)

Watching me pop a mint in my mouth:
"I'm glad I'm growing up, otherwise I might not ever get to eat mints."

After passing gas while getting ready for bed last night:
"I'm not poopy,'s just air."

Sitting up in bed, at the top of his lungs at 2:30 this morning:



Brian said...

Great stuff! I hope you are writing all this down!

Rev Scott said...

Umm - does typing it in a blog count?

Thanks, Matt - looking forward to seeing 2:30 a.m. again - haven't seen it since college!

thirdfuerst said...

You mean you never went past all hours in seminary? Man, I need to manage my time better...

The Anonymous (Pipe)Dreamer said...

Rev Scott,

And now, today's edition of Famous Last Words:

"looking forward to seeing 2:30 a.m. again..."

Be careful what you wish for...