Friday, December 08, 2006

More Thoughts of a Precocious 2 Year-Old

More Wit and Wisdom, courtesy of The Kiddo:

Referring to the cute 6 year old girl at daycare:
"Payton's my girl."

Setting the scene for me as we get ready to play "pretend":
(pointing to four invisible people) "We have a witch, a prince, Little Red Riding Hood, and a dinosaur. So we're going to go on a picnic. I'll bring the keys so I can drive. Daddy, you can bring the food and I can bring Alex." (Alex is his doll.)

Trying to convince me not to take him to daycare:
"Daddy, it's too cold outside to go to Barbie's house. (note: her name is Barb, but the kids call her Barbie) So I'll just stay here and play in my pajamas, okay?"

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