Thursday, November 02, 2006


Scrubs is, for my money at least, the best television show on today, and in my top 10 all-time list. It's been a long time (probably since The Wonder Years) that a show could make me laugh so hard AND bring me to tears all in the same episode.

For those who haven't experienced the show, it's a half hour comedy (NOT shot in front of a live studio audience, though) that revolves around a group of young doctors who work at a hospital. And while the hospital is the setting, the show isn't really about the hospital, or medicine. It's about a group of very different people dealing with the slings and arrows of life--their own personal lives, but also the lives of the patients they treat.

And the comedy. EXACTLY my sense of humor. I don't know how to describe it other than offbeat, off the wall, sometimes slapstick, very imaginative, and freakin' HILARIOUS. should watch it. Everybody should.

Now that's gotten me to thinking...what would I call my top 10 favorite shows of all time? This is off the top of my head, just brainstorming, and are in no particular other words, it's a working list that's subject to MUCH revision. For the sake of clarity, I'm leaving out shows that I LOVE like The Daily Show and Whose Line Is It Anyway? that, while brilliant, don't really have storylines and characters and such. And...these are my favorites, and not necessarily the BEST shows of all time...just the ones that for whatever reason spoke to me the most. Unfortunately, there's a lot of good TV out there that I've just never had the opportunity to watch (for example, The West Wing). So, with those caveats, here goes:

The Wonder Years
The Muppet Show
Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Twilight Zone (the original one)
Quantum Leap
Moonlighting (except for the final unfortunate case of a series hanging around too long)
The Carol Burnett Show
Everybody Loves Raymond

Well, I guess that's ten. I bet I'll be doing some revising in the next couple of days after more thought, but there you knee-jerk top 10 list.



Anonymous said...

Here's my top 10:

Everybody Loves Raymond
Sex and the City
King of the Hill
Golden Girls
CSI: Las Vegas
The Facts of Life
Designing Women (only the ones w/Delta Burke)
Star Trek: TNG
Family Matters (whom my mother only calls "Urkel")
Little House on the Prairie

Rev Scott said...

Hmmmmm. Great idea. My list (in no particular order):

The West Wing
ER until Dr. Mark Greene died
Quantum Leap
The Simpsons
Dark Angel (really liked that show - good sci-fi that didn't 'jump the shark' before they pulled the plug)
The X Files

I SHOULD like Scrubs; the humor is right up my alley. But I just haven't ever gotten 'into' it. And I never really liked Raymond; am I a bad person for that?

Anonymous said...

rev scott: ummm...for not liking raymond are you a bad person? my answer would be an emphatic yes!

lol (j/k)

thirdfuerst said...

Geez...I'm hard-pressed to think of shows that I've watched with any consistency. So, here goes:

Seinfeld (I can't BELIEVE no one listed this one!)
Simpsons (never watched with consistency, but never disappointing)
The Sopranos (Best Show EVER...had to go to my bro's to watch it, caught some seasons on DVD)
Perfect Strangers
Tour of Duty
Quantum Leap (anyone else think Mark Wilkening resembles Scott Bakula??)
The Wonder Years
The Cosby Show (one of the best sitcoms ever...a Fuerst family tradition)

Brian said...

Got me thinking too. My top ten:

Two and 1/2 Men
Dukes of Hazzard (this was when I was a kid, now the only reason I would watch is to look at Daisy)
Thundercats (Ho!!!!)
Gray's Anatomy - althought this season has been disappointing)
Cosby Show
Criminal Minds (creepy)
The West Wing

The Anonymous (Pipe)Dreamer said...

Rev Scott,

I knew you were a big "Ed" fan...there's a series of episodes of "Scrubs" where the guy who played the main character on "Ed" plays JD's ne'er-do-well older brother. It's a little bit freaky how closely they actually resemble each other, both physically and in their mannerisms. GREAT episodes, too...