Sunday, November 26, 2006

Images from Friday

Well, I had the chance to go to the Nebraska-Colorado football game this last Friday. More about that experience and the weekend as a whole later, but I did want to get 3 videos posted here that I took that day.

#1 is for any "band geeks" out there...a short clip of part of the NU marching band beneath North Stadium getting ready to head out for the pregame. I gotta say I enjoyed the bouncing trombones (and no, that's NOT a euphemism!).

#2 is my wife and I were in the tunnel for the "tunnel walk." I'm personally taking credit for Mo Purify's wicked amazing catch during the game after giving him some (Pipe)Dreamer karma with a high-five on his way out to the field. Normally the team would almost immediately rush on to the field after passing by, but since it was Senior Day, the seniors were personally introduced. The whole experience was a rush...pretty frickin' sweet.

#3 is the team leaving the field after the the end of the clip you can see a few players carrying the Big XII North championship trophy off the field.

More thoughts, reactions, etc. tomorrow. Just wanted to at least get these up.

Oh...actually, one thought before I leave. I've discovered that ground buffalo on the grill with some Misty's seasoning makes an EXCELLENT post-Colorado game meal. =)


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Anonymous said...

I can NOT believe I never thought of grilling buffalo for a post-Colorado tail-whuppin'! And I even have the Misty's seasoning to go with it, thanks to you guys!

After watching the videos, all I can say is this: "You lucky bastard."