Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Post-Mortem

I was unsuccessful in my quest for a free sampler bottle of Captain Morgan (see the post below for more details). My wife and I DID take our son trick-or-treating to the house on our block that we affectionately refer to as "the alcohol house," but the way the little bottles were arranged in the container, we couldn't see any labels. I grabbed one that looked close to the right color, but turns out it was Fighting Cock whiskey.

Okay, okay, let the double entendres begin...
Got it out of your system? Okay, we continue.



So anyway, it was cold...for our part of the country at least...temp was in the lower 30's when we went out around 7 pm. But the little kiddo had a great time, mom and dad each came home with a fermented treat of their own, and even with just going up one side of our block and down the other side, the kiddo had a pretty full bucket of sugary delights.

After putting our son to bed, my wife and I watched a special on Bravo that had what they called the 30 scariest moments in the movies. I don't think we had even HEARD of about 20 of the movies...I didn't realize I was that out of touch. And there were some notable mention of The Birds, The Sixth Sense, Silence of the Lambs, ummmm....PSYCHO?!?!?!? Go figure.

**November 2 edit** Come to find out, this top 30 list was the SECOND list Bravo's put out...a couple of years ago they did a Top 100, and none of the movies that made the original list were repeated on the "Top 30" show we saw on Halloween. Which makes a bit more sense. Though I do find it hard to believe that A Clockwork Orange, which was on the Top 30, didn't make the original Top 100. Now THAT'S one freakin' messed up movie...


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