Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"It's the final countdown..."

Okay, so I've had that song by Europe in my head all freaking day...can't imagine why. ;-) We're nine hours away, and both of us just bubbling from a combination of excitedness, anticipation, and nervousness. Kiddo's spending the night with grandma and grandpa, we'll be getting up at 3:45 to get ready to head to the hopsital, and as far as we can figure, we're set to go.

Sweetie's sister, proud and loving aunt that she is, has come down with a really bad case of the flu-like upper respiratory junk that's been hitting pretty much everyone this winter--in fact, she was in the ER for it yesterday. She's okay, but heartbroken (and we're heartbroken for her) that she won't be able to hold her new niece tomorrow, and will have to wear a mask and won't even be allowed in the room for very long. But we've told her that as soon as she's over this crud, she can hold the baby as long as she wants... ;-)

God bless--keep us in your prayers tonight and tomorrow morning!!!!



The Unlikely Conversationalist: said...

God bless
I just put you in on a meme, but you've got way better things to do than waste the time with that. God's protection for you all and the new wonder of creation.

Coffeepastor said...

Congrats, LH. I hope it went well.

david said...

We're waiting.....biting nails and pacing back and forth........