Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Where's Proud Mary, because the big wheel that has been illness in the LutheranHusker house just keeps turning. January 7th was when I initially got sick...I subsequently developed strep and the beginnings of pneumonia at the same time. Two weeks later, I was on the mend, but then Kiddo came down with some nasty stomach flu, and I had the pleasure of spending a couple of nights on a mattress on the floor of his room, handing him a bucket to puke in every 45 minutes or so. He recovered relatively quickly from that, but then developed the same coughing, phlegmy upper-respiratory crap that I had had.

Through all of this, Sweetie (who was almost 8 months pregnant), was avoiding her boys like the plague.

Actually, maybe we were the plague.

But it wasn't enough. One night, Sweetie began to notice a funny tickle in her throat. And we knew what was coming.

And come, it did.

I mean, come on, illness gods! As if it's not bad enough that Sweetie's had to deal with nausea every single morning without fail since July...and now this. All the coughing did was serve to worsen her nausea, and bring it on at all times of the day, not just in the morning.

Can't we catch a break?

Oh. Almost forgot. the reason I'm at home right now and have the time to write this post in the first place is because I've gotten sick. Again. With the same fever and upper-respiratory crud I dealt with last month. Hence the turning of the big wheel.

Good thing we still have plenty of time before the baby comes, and everything is all ready for the arrival.

Oh, wait. We don't have plenty of time...16 days...and thanks to the month and a half of family illness, the house is a disaster.

Grrr. Crud, I shall defeat you. This has become personal, and you've infected the wrong Lutheran.

(BTW, our family had the pleasure of visiting Scott (from Nachfolge) over the weekend for his installation as campus pastor. We had a wonderful time, and I plan on writing something about it sometime when I'm in a better mood. And better health.)



Hot Cup Lutheran said...

not a doc but i left scott this same tip... slather the bottoms of your feet with Vicks & wear socks to bed then. can't explain it but it works wonders. (along with the usual Vicks on the chest/neck and the incredibly attractive Vicks mustache!)

feel better soon!

LutheranChik said...

The creeping crud also struck our household almost as soon as our plane hit the tarmac en route home from vacation...I am now about 80 percent over it; Fellow Traveler not so much. (I fell back upon my mama's tried-and-true homemade chicken soup cure last night.) Sending healthy wishes to you and yours: "This too shall pass."