Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sleep Update

Well, last night was Night One of my "no drugs before bed" experiment (okay, that didn't come out right...I've got a cold. Quit laughing and read the post before this one if you're wondering about the whole drug bit.).

=) went great. I think I woke up briefly a couple of times, but in the end I got almost exactly 8 hours of sleep, which is a half hour more than I had gotten the previous three nights combined. Which is one thing when you've got an infant in the house, but we don't. It's quite another when your three nights of sleeplessness come on your first full week in a new job.

Hopefully I've feigned wakefulness well enough to have left a good first impression.

VBS is coming up in a couple of weeks, and 5 high school girls spent their first afternoon after the end of school today helping paint cardboard props at the church. I took the opportunity to join them and help out some--after a couple of hours the education director and I took them out to Dairy Queen as a thank you. They're the kind of kids you hope your kids become friends with when they're teenagers...we had a great time, got a lot of work done, and it was good for me to get to know them better.

Now I gotta keep working to shake this cold before camp starts on Sunday...

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