Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Galilean Pirates

I just returned over the weekend from a week of confirmation camp...many stories to be told from that, but they must wait until I have enough time to put some thought into what I'm writing.

For now, I leave you with The Gospel According To Kiddo.

Yesterday was day one of Vacation Bible School--Kiddo's first experience with a formal, structured class-type setting. It went well, all things considered...some tears and freaking out during the large group opening, but his teachers said he did well when it was just their class and things were quieter.

So after it was over, I asked him what he learned.

"Jesus is the Son of God," he replied.

A good start. "Who did you talk about?" I asked.

Kiddo: "Peter. He was on a boat."

Me: "And who came to talk to him?"

Kiddo: "Jesus."

(At this point, I'm getting Kiddo's early-entrance seminary application all ready in my head.)

Me: "What did Jesus say to Peter?"

Kiddo: "Watch out for the pirates!!!!"

Me: "Oh, there were pirates?"

Kiddo: "Yep, but Jesus said 'come here, Peter,' and he got him away from the pirates."

Hmmmm....a new twist on the call to discipleship? Or maybe salvation theology? I will save you from your sins and the pirates?

Sure, why not. Aaaargh!


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