Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Five--Getaway Island Edition

From the RevGals:

We snitched a bit of time on an quiet island nearby this week. It was a last minute plan, escaping with a minimal amount of preparation. One must have essentials that make it a relaxing time. Perhaps you have had this opportunity to escape, or maybe it's only been a thought to get away. However, suppose you were told to pack some essentials for a trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Describe your location, in general or specific terms and....

1) What book(s) will you bring?
2) What music accompanies you?
3) What essentials of everyday living must you take (as in the health and beauty aids aisle variety)?
4) What technological gadgets if any, will you take with you or do you leave it all behind?
5) What culinary delights will you partake in while there?

My location of choice would be a spiritual retreat center somewhere in New England...up in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, or somewhere in Vermont. It would have to be during the summer or fall, because snow stresses me. In the woods, by a lake, with lots of walking trails available. Nice breakfasts and lunches, with gourmet suppers. Quiet places to read, pray, and worship. Free, open 24 hours a day hospitality room with, among other things, grapefruit juice, gourmet coffee, and York peppermint patties. Don't know if such a place exists, but I'm thinking along the lines of the Swanson Center at Camp Carol Joy Holling in Ashland, NE...(well, the Swanson Center does have everything I've described, including the hospitality room, complete with York peppermint patties!)...only in New England instead of 30 miles from home.

To the questions:

1) Ask me some other time and you might get a different answer, but right now I'd bring Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies, Donald Miller's Searching For God Knows What, and Brian McLaren's A Generous Orthodoxy...all of which I own, but none of which I've had occasion to read yet. Add to those a Bible, a copy of the ELCA's ELW hymnal, and the first six books of the Harry Potter series, and you'd have a very happy LutheranHusker.

2) When I read, I need music without words. So I'd have plenty of Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky for my reading time. For general listening, I'd have Joshua Radin, Storyhill, Sonya Kitchell, Teitur, James (not Jim) Morrison, Ray LaMontagne, Norah Jones, James Taylor, and Paul Simon. And maybe some others too.

3) Well, I think I'd need some soap. And shampoo. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Deodorant. Electric razor. A little hair gel would be bonus. Other than that, I'm easy.

4) Maybe a TV...if the Red Sox are playing the Yankees, it would do my heart good to watch. An iPod would be nice to handle the whole music thing. That would be about it.

5) One night I'd want to have steak, baked sweet potato, caesar salad, steamed veggies, wine, and chocolate cheesecake. For breakfast--lots of french toast. All other meals it would be fun just to try some new and exciting stuff--the executive chef at the Swanson Center is very gifted in this regard.



rev maria said...

Your dinner choice is my favorite meal in the universe. Your whole adventure sounds terrific.

Cathy said...

that dinner is making me hungry!

Deb said...

Just heard Joshua Radin for the first time on satellite radio last week... good stuff!!

And if you don't mind, DH would join you for dinner. We'll let the kid stay home and eat ramen noodles!!!

Fr. Jason Emerson said...

Love the Swanson Center and Camp Carol Joy Holling!!!! Absolutely Love IT!!!!!!!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

This has nothing to do with Friday 5 - but did you see your buddy Taylor Hicks sing the national anthem tonight before the Spurs/Cavs game????

RuthRE said...

oh sign me up, completely.