Thursday, August 21, 2008

"That's one funny sheep you've got there..."

Tonight after dinner, we were playing with Pumpkin on the floor while Kiddo was upstairs getting ready for bed. Sweetie took this little soft rattle that's shaped like a multicolored sheep and pretended like it was running toward Pumpkin.

This was quite possibly the most hilarious thing that Pumpkin has seen in her 5 1/2 months of existence. At least, judging by her reaction.

I mean, we've heard little giggles from her before. We've heard her scream happily when she's doing something she enjoys. But tonight was the first full-out no-holds-barred belly laughing that we've heard from our daughter.

It was beautiful.

Enjoy the video:



krugie23 said...

Is that a sheep you can buy on the internet??? =) tee...hee...

Rev Scott said...

Oh my gosh that is just too adorable! What an infectious laugh she has. Can't wait for our new little one to laugh this hard as well. Wonder if it will be at her Daddy?! :0) Kris

Trish said...

That was so cute! Made my day, thanks!

Anonymous said...

The little things that amuse her...and others:) Love it! Can't wait to spend more time with them soon! -Auntin

mark said...

SOOO adorable!
Thanks for sharing!