Thursday, August 07, 2008

An update

I can't believe it. I really, truly, can't believe it.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my mom's early-onset Alzheimer's, and how I'm walking in the Lincoln Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk in September. The link to that post is here.

Thanks to the generosity of so many, as I type this we've raised $1,430 for the Alzheimer's Association in honor of and in support for my mom.

And many of these gifts have come from complete strangers. Maybe I know some of your names, maybe we've commented on each other's blogs or been engaged in an online conversation over at HuskerPedia...but for all practical purposes, we're still strangers. We wouldn't know each other if we bumped into each other on the street.

I'm amazed. Touched.

I've sent out thank you emails to most folks who have donated (I think there's a couple that came in yesterday that I need to get emails out to still), but I have to admit that it's been a big struggle to come up with words that adequately describe the deep sense of gratitude I feel for every dollar that has come in, and for every prayer that I know has been said.

Like I mentioned in the initial post, this is something intensely personal for me--it's not just another good cause that I want to support. It's one of the few opportunities I have to actually do something, instead of sitting around feeling sorry or sad or angry or hopeful (yes, sometimes hopeful) about the whole situation.

So thank you. Thank you for helping make a difference. Thank you for enabling me to actively fight against this evil disease that robs so many of their mind and spirit way too early.

Thank you.

If you're interested in donating, here's the donation link again. You can donate online with a credit card, or you can print out a form and send it in with a check (the link for the form is on the donation page, underneath the "donation thermometer"):

God bless.


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