Monday, April 23, 2007

"You've got to be carefully taught..."

Oopsies. I made a "daddy boo-boo" the other day, when my dislike of the Yankees and my sense of humor got away from me at the same time in front of Kiddo. It was Saturday morning, after Boston had scored 5 runs in the bottom of the 8th inning to come back and beat the Yankees Friday night. I was telling Kiddo that the Red Sox had beaten the Yankees when the following exchange occurred:

LH: The Red Sox won, and the Yankees lost!

Kiddo: YAY!!!! Hey, Yankee...that rhymes with blankie!

LH: That's right! As in, "the Yankees take away little boys' and girls' blankies."

Sweetie: What did you just say to him?

Kiddo: He said the Yankees take away little kids' blankies!

Sweetie: (to Kiddo) No they don't.

Kiddo: (indignant) Yes they DO!!!

Sweetie: (glares at LH)

LH: Um...Daddy was just kidding. Let's play with your trains. (thinking: Someday, my son...someday, you will be ready for the truth...)


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Rev Scott said...

Outstanding - about as great as the time I said something about "stuck-up Lincoln East girls." Went over about as well too, if memory serves. :-)