Tuesday, April 17, 2007

6 Weird Things

I've been tagged by RevScott, so here goes:

Rules: 1) Post six weird things about yourself; 2) Tag six weird people to do the same.

1) I think raw oatmeal mixed with Hershey's chocolate syrup in a little cup makes a pretty darn good snack.

2) I prefer to keep the closet door closed when I go to bed...not so much to help airflow or anything practical like that, but mostly to keep the monsters out. Seriously.

3) Most of the time, when I'm awake, I have a song running through my head. Somewhere around 90% of my waking hours are spent listening to my internal radio. Except it's usually the same song over and over for hours at a time. And there aren't any commercials. Or DJ's. And just because it's there doesn't mean I like the song. Last Sunday, getting ready for worship, it was Shania Twain's Man, I Feel Like a Woman, which aside from being a song I can't stand, was wrong on just so many levels. I had to practice Now the Feast and Celebration three extra times very loudly on the organ to manually try to switch "head" songs...and because of that, I didn't have time for my morning cup of coffee before worship started. I was not too pleased with myself Sunday morning. Damned internal radio...

4) I really get freaked out when I allow myself to think about what's really happening during a long-distance phone call. Voices traveling thousands of miles with practically no delay whatsoever, after one person at one point has dialed a series of numbers that EVERY SINGLE TIME makes a connection to some specific other point. And don't even get me started on the internet...

5) Most nights at about 9 PM I have a craving for a bowl of cereal. Usually Grape Nuts Flakes, Corn Bran, or Shredded Wheat.

6) When I set my alarm, it has to be set for an even-numbered time that doesn't end with zero, and preferably ends with a 2. 6:28--good. 6:30--bad. 6:32--perfect. 6:35--bad.

So there you have it. Consider yourself tagged if you've read this, and leave a comment if you play!



Rev Scott said...

What creeps me out about the phone system was the days when it was a bunch of women in a switchboard room that had to connect you. Far too Big Brother for my taste.

BUT we also got Lily Tomlin out of that mix. "One ringy-dingy...Two ringy-dingy..."

Anonymous said...

Good grief, we have waaaaaaay too many weird things in common. Nature or nurture?? We'll probably never know.
Lil Sis

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

So I played... and I'm a little worried about the Shania Twain thing for you. Maybe it's tooo many chocolate chips in your snack mix that led to a Shania moment?! At least (hopefully) during the liturgy you didn't let out a "Whoo Hoooo Feel like a woman!" holler right?! (That would have made the 75th anniversary a day to remember no?)

Anonymous said...

I crave the cereal at night, but I go for the lucky charms.

Your nephew has to have his door closed too. It keeps "Monsters Inc." out and at home.

=) Donna