Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday Three--Bad Habits

Husker Teacher's Thursday Three for this week: name three bad habits you'd like to break.

1) Evening TV. I watch too much of it. It's not something I'd want to cut out completely, but at the same time I recognize that I really oughta cut way back. It's one thing to have an occasional mindless escape, but it's quite another to surround myself with mindlessness night after night after night.

2) Not eating breakfast. My mom's gonna kill me for this one--as a nurse who specialized in nutrition, she made darn sure we all had breakfast every day and knew of its importance. There's really no good reason why I don't, and plenty of good reasons why I ought to--heck, breakfast food is some of my favorite food anyway!

3) Procrastination. I was going to stop procrastinating today, but then decided I'd do it tomorrow instead. =)

So there's my Thursday Three. If you read this, consider yourself tagged, and leave a message here and/or on Husker Teacher's blog to let us know you played!!!!


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I'm teeeeeeeeeeelling....
Lil Sis