Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Up, Up, and Away!!!

This is the sight that greeted me upon my return home from work yesterday evening.

No, the trampoline doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to the folks who live behind us.

That’s right…the ones on the other side of the 6 foot privacy fence.

I had left work at about 4:35…by about 4:40, I had driven into some light sprinkles. By the time I reached downtown Lincoln, it was raining pretty steadily and the wind had started to come up. Heading up I-180 past Memorial Stadium, the rain became torrential and the wind whipped so hard I had trouble driving in a straight line. Traffic slowed down to 25 MPH or so (the speed limit is 60) as wave after wave of water fell sideways.

1 ½ miles later, when I got to my exit, it had all died into a light sprinkle.

And by the time I got home…nothing. (It started up again a little bit later, but this time just a good steady rain…nothing like it had been before.)

Except there was this monstrosity of a trampoline in our backyard. With a little piece of our fence missing. And our barbeque grill had tipped over and slid halfway across the deck. And all the deck furniture was crumpled in a corner.

It was a quick, wicked storm.

Our backyard neighbors were home last night. We kept waiting for the inevitable ring of the doorbell or phone call with the apology for the broken fence slat and an offer to help fix it and take the trampoline back.

It never happened.

So, being the passive-aggressive Midwesterner that I am, I decided to wait. I had just mowed the lawn the day before, I was busy and tired and frankly had better things to do than worry about what to do with a broken, upside-down trampoline that didn’t belong to me.

It was still there this morning. And when I got home after work this afternoon.

I had a Bible study to lead this evening, and Sweetie stayed home with the kids. When I got back, the trampoline was gone. No phone call, no knock on the door, no asking to come into our backyard to retrieve their stuff.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s not really all that big of a deal. But I’m still mildly annoyed.

On a less annoying note…cool quote from Bible Study tonight. One of the kids was talking about those folks who claim being a Christian made their lives all happy and rainbows and puppies and such. She didn’t put much stock in such claims, saying, “if nothing bad ever happens to you, then you don’t need faith. Your life is just one big pile of yay.”

One big pile of yay. I love it.



Rev Scott said...

One cruddy story and one cool one. Good posting! :-)

david said...

Sign that kid up for teaching confirmation!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

dude... they got the trampoline out right? try livin' in a boonieville where abandoned homes are everywhere and people leave their unwanted filing cabinets, appliances, old boilers not to mention cars on blocks... on the lawn to rot, all the time. that's the view some of my neighbor's give me from my backyard... just sayin'

Ruth said...

Maybe they were wondering why you didn't ring their doorbell to say, hey i found your trampoline! :)

pile of yay, is awesome :)