Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tornado warning

Well, we had some pretty wicked storms pass through about 8:30 PM. Here's a picture looking north, about 5 seconds before the tornado sirens started going off:

As I hustled inside, I snapped one last shot to the northwest:

A few minutes later, the high winds and torrential rains hit. Luckily, as far as we can tell, we missed out on the hail--the TV stations were saying our area was getting 2-inch hail. We ended up spending about 20 minutes under the stairs in the basement, in what Kiddo and I decided was our "weather cave," which of course made us "weather bears." (Fear not, Sweetie was there too...she just snapped the picture!)

Looks like another wave may be making its way toward us...could be a long night.



david said...

It has been a violent spring as far as the weather goes. I ove watching a storm, but it is getting a bit rediculous. Glad you have the "cave."

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

aaah yes we have a very similar "weather cave"... only dark wood for the stairs... radar is looking like a tossed salad at the moment!

Ruth said...

You need superhero outfits for hanging out in the cave!