Friday, January 11, 2008


(Warning: The below post ought not to be read by those who become easily queasy by accounts of illness. Otherwise, read on:)

I. Am. Sick.

Not sick in a cool way, as in "those were some sick moves the wide receiver put on the defensive back," and not sick in a freaky way, say, like Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs (Hello, Clarice...).

Just good old fashioned "lay in bed and moan out of sheer misery" sick.

Since Monday night, I've had the following symptoms...not always all at once (though occasionally so, like pretty much all day Thursday), but at one time or another they've been there: throat so sore that I didn't eat for 2 days, coughing phlegm out of my throat, vomiting phlegm, severe headache, fever (up to 103.8), fatigue, chest tightness (probably from a collection guessed my lungs).

I haven't been to work since Monday, which considering how much I love my job and how busy the next few months will be, says a lot. But it's not like I'd be getting much done anyway--and I share an office with someone else, and that would be just oh-so-neighborly to share this wonderful illness with them.

I've also had a hard time sleeping, which is why I'm sitting on the couch right now typing this instead of restlessly rolling around in bed and coughing upstairs. I think I may sleep on the couch tonight--I can breathe easier and don't cough as much when I'm half-sitting. And I don't have to worry about waking Sweetie up with every coughing attack. Especially since my coughing right now tends to be we say "deep," (okay, I'm basically hocking up giant loogies all the way from the bottom of my throat) that in Sweetie's 8 months pregnant state, listening to it makes her nauseated. And she has a hard enough time sleeping right now as it is--having a 5 pound or so baby rumbling around in your abdomen will do that to you, I suppose.

So there endeth my rant. That's what's been up this week. Hopefully it will be done soon.

But for now, I gotta get some sleep. Goodnight.



David said...

Hope you are well soon!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

oy! i hope this monday found you recovering quite nicely... chicken soup! hot tea! orange juice! maybe even a little moxie to settle the stomach?

Rev Scott said...


krugie23 said...

Moxie! Now that's just crazy talk!

Art said...

Get well soon!