Monday, October 22, 2007


Last week was my synod's Theological Conference. As is the case at events like these, just as much value lies in the conversations that take place before, between, and after the formal sessions as with the official presentations themselves...but there's always some good nuggets to be taken away from the keynote speakers.

There's also some sessions that are downright clunkers.

During one such session last week, I decided to pass the time by writing some haiku. Yes, I know.

I'm a nerd.

I started with this one:

I enjoy haiku.
Five and then seven and five
is a fun pattern.

On Monday, before one of the afternoon sessions, the bishop got up to announce that Steve Pederson had just been fired as the University of Nebraska's athletic director.

He was greeted with silence.

He said, "no, really, I'm not making a joke. It happened."

Upon which came a thunder of applause. It was a bit surreal.

To commemorate, I wrote this one:

Steve Pederson led
NU's athletic program
almost to ruin.

The rest came mostly as responses to words or phrases that one of the speakers used that touched a creative nerve. Here's the rest of what I wrote:

Faith is an action,
more than a belief, that drives
me to serve neighbor.

"Take and eat, drink." We
become that which we consume
at the Lord's table.

Do we honor the
parts of the Lord's body that
annoy, stumble, or fall?

Discovering my
God-gifts and using them helps
me serve cheerfully.

The God-sized hole in
my life cries for comforting.
Does the church cry too?

Confirmed in Christ, we
daily remember water
drowning our old selves.

"How is it with your
soul?" he asked, and I shifted
the subject quickly.

The cross, beckoning,
battering, calls us to our
life transformation.



Rev Scott said...

Yes, you are a nerd.
We all agree on that point.
Haiku, though, is cool.


LutheranChik said...

Holy haiku, Batman!;-)(Really.)

On a lighter might get a kick out of this website.

David said...

I don't know you personally, but if your self claim of nerdity is backed up with writing haiku at a theology conference...I guess the shoe fits.

Good work by the way. You may be a nerd, but you are a talented nerd.

redheadrev said...

Those are great fun. Good job on the Haiku. I may have to try that at the next boring meeting I'm in.

Sally said...

very cool- I really like some of these, may I use them please?- credit given of course...

LutheranHusker said...

Lutheranchik--OMG, I LOVE that site...bookmarking as we speak. Doesn't get much more nerdycool than Spamku (yes everyone, that's exactly what it sounds like...haiku about Spam)!!!

Sally--yes, by all means, feel free to use anything you see here. I'm honored...

thirdfuerst said...

You've inspired me; the timing is bizarre. I'd just read a haiku formula that is quite amusing, and I've got to share it on my blog.

redheadrev said...

You inspired me!