Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Looking Back, Part 1: Kiddo the Ringbearer

Well, a lot has transpired in the LutheranHusker household in the month since I last posted regularly, most of it revolving around Kiddo (surprise, surprise). In part one of our trip down Recent Memory Lane, we go back to about a week and a half ago, when Kiddo was the ring bearer in Sweetie's cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, the bride and groom are an incredible couple, but for a proud Mommy and Daddy, the main event was the little 3 year-old in the tux walking down the aisle at the beginning of the service (spurred on by promises of candy corn when he got to the front), and walking out of the sanctuary at the end of the service (spurred on by promises of a Lightning McQueen toy when he got to the back).

Frankly, I can't believe he did it. Anyone who knows Kiddo knows that once he warms up, he's a ham. BUT in front of a bunch of strangers, he's one of the shyest kids you'll meet.

And not only did he walk all the way down a pretty long aisle, he actually did it slowly, staying with the flower girl (who was a GORGEOUS little 4 year old). In fact, the 2 kids were so concerned about staying together that as they walked, they went slower...and slower...and slower...each one not wanting to get in front of the other...until by the time they reached the front they were practically at a snail's pace. All very cute, though.

Pictures? You say you want pictures of the blessed event? Well, why didn't you ask earlier???


I clean up pretty well for a 3 year-old! Speaking of which, where's my Teddy Grahams?

Look who I get to walk down the aisle with!

We did it! Time to head to the reception and play tag around the tables!!!


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Sweetie's cousin :) said...

Kiddo sure can flash a smile, it was sure great to have him be a part of the wonderful day!