Sunday, September 30, 2007

"I Must Break You."

This um...somewhat altered picture (edit: okay, I don't have PhotoShop, and this is the best I can do with Microsoft Paint, but thanks for the fun idea, RevScott!) is from one of two scenes I actually remember from Rocky IV, one of the most jingoistic, self-indulgent "rah rah USA" movies ever made (but also, I must admit, a guilty pleasure to watch whenever it's on TV). The valiant Rocky Balboa and the evil Ivan Drago are about to begin their long-awaited boxing match. They meet at the center of the ring, and Ivan Drago tells Rocky, "I must break you."

(FWIW, since I know I begged the question with what I wrote...the other scene I remember from this movie is the one showing Rocky training for this fight in the middle of the Siberia...with things like logs and boulders...while Drago is in this state of the art facility with computers and steroids and such things).

My three year old son thinks he's Ivan Drago.

To be more precise, the last couple of weeks, he's been doing this thing where he'll look at your face...and slowly let his eyes go out of focus so that he's seeing a double image of your head (which is a wee bit disconcerting, because it makes him look like he's looking right through you)...and he'll smile, and say, "I'm breaking you!"

For the record, Kiddo uses no steroids that I'm aware of. =)



Rev Scott said...

Man, if only you could've photoshopped your head and Kiddo's head onto Rocky and Drago, respectively - that would've been cool.

LutheranHusker said...


Ask and ye shall receive (well, sort of...).


Rev Scott said...

Oh, man - that's awesome!

Susan said...

Oh, that's awesome what Kiddo can do! I learned how to do that when I was his age too, by watching the candles up on the church altar go out of focus. You better watch that, though; that's also how I learned to make one eye go crooked and keep the other one straight, and I think it messed w/ my eyesight a little.