Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Week of Vomit

My family is currently in the middle of what shall go down in history as The Week of Vomit.

Note to the queasy-stomached: proceed at your own risk.

And I'm currently taking care of 2 sick kids and a sick wife, so this will be short...MUCH shorter than it deserves.

The pukes started Tuesday morning with Pumpkin and continued into Wednesday.

Thursday morning she was mostly better, but then I got it (pukes and diarrhea every 2 hours ON THE DOT from 5 AM until 3 was actually kinda weird...the furthest away from on the hour any of them got was the 9:00 episode, which actually hit at 8:56. Freaky.), then Kiddo came down with it Thursday afternoon, and into the evening.

Friday I was still sick, my son was feeling better, and my daughter started throwing up again in the afternoon. 9 times total between 2 PM and 8 PM.

8 changes of clothes for her, and 4 changes each for Sweetie and I.

Yesterday we did 12 hrs of 2 tsp. of pedialyte every 10 minutes with Pumpkin, she did well so we put her back on half strength bottles...then in the evening Kiddo threw up again and at 10 pm Sweetie started.

Now Sweetie's full blown sick, Kiddo's thrown up once this morning and Pumpkin we're back to the pedialyte every 10 minutes. And nothing but gatorade, water and toast for Sweetie and Kiddo.

I'm about to go out of my freaking mind. And I'm tired of getting puked on.


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