Thursday, December 04, 2008

A couple of Kiddo updates

Two stories:

Thing #1: A couple of evenings ago, Kiddo was watching the TV show LazyTown (which Sweetie hates...not that it's a bad show, just very annoying to her). Sweetie told him, "I bet your perfect day would be to curl up on the couch with your blankets and Mr. Bear, watch LazyTown, and drink Moxie" (a soft drink that I've let him have a few sips of and he loves...and Sweetie hates. Almost as much as she hates LazyTown. She thinks it tastes like Robitussin. Poor, misguided Sweetie...).

Kiddo thought that sounded like he announced that he was going to tell US what OUR perfect days would be.

"Daddy, your perfect day would be to sit on the couch, watch The Office, and drink Moxie."

I laughed. "Pretty good, Kiddo."

Then he turned to Sweetie with a mischevious gleam. "And YOU...YOUR perfect day would be to go to work..."

*pause for effect*


"watch LAZYTOWN and YO GABBA GABBA..." (even more annoying than LazyTown, btw)



"and drink LOTS OF MOXIE ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!"

He seriously could not have picked anything worse for Sweetie's "perfect day." And he knew it. The kid's got quite the teasing sense of humor.

Yep, he's a big brother all right.

Thing #2: Next Thursday, December 11th, will be Kiddo's fifth birthday. Be prepared for the obligatory sappy "I can't believe my little baby is growing up" post next week.

Today, I've gotta tell you what we'll be having for supper that night. We told him he could have whatever he wanted. So here's what he came up with for the menu:


sausage patties,

sweet potatoes,




Sweetie can't wait. Heh heh...


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hereistand said...

Next week's menu sounds good to ME!!!! Kiddo certainly sounds like a "Son of Chip" in soooo many ways!!!