Monday, March 31, 2008

First Bath

I. Love. This. Picture.

Other than a little fiddling with the contrast and putting in in black and white, I wish I could take credit for how cool it looks. But I can't--the sun was coming through the window of the hospital room at just the right angle with just the right brightness and the rays landed in just the right place to really give it the effect of studio lighting. I love too that Kiddo provides his own caption: "I'm the big brother." I love the look of care and concentration on Kiddo's face, and the obvious gentleness with which he's handling the cloth.

Seeing one of my children helping to take care of the other gets me a little verklempt, too.

I'd say I'm proud of this picture, but that would imply that I did the work to intentionally compose it like this. Nope, I just got lucky. Right place, right time. But as they say, better lucky than good, right?

(By the way, to see the picture full-size, click on it to enlarge.)

First Bath
(c) 2008 by Matt Schur


hereistand said...

"One picture is worth a thousand words." --- sometimes a thousand libraries is more like it!!!

Rev Scott said...

Wow - that's beautiful. I don't care if it's luck or whatever, it's beautiful and that's all that matters.

Ruth said...


david said...

What a great picture!