Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Star City Parade

This past Saturday was Lincoln's Star City Parade. It was supposed to have been Saturday, December 1st, but due to a pretty nasty ice storm (which came during the night while I was holed up with 23 middle school kids at a church lock-in), it had been rescheduled.

No ice Saturday. But it was cold. High temp of 17 with 10-15 mph winds. But the parade must go on, right?

Apparently so. Even though all of the high school bands canceled because ACT testing was being held that morning, even though the University of Nebraska band canceled because...well, because trying to produce noise by holding a giant piece of metal to your lips in a sub-zero wind chill probably isn't the best idea in the world. Ever seen A Christmas Story?

So yes, there was a parade. There were giant balloons, and floats, and people walking, pretending to be happy and trying to ignore the frostbite slowly creeping up their faces.

Maybe I'm just a giant Grinch or Scrooge, but it's my opinion that whoever thought that having a parade...in Nebraska...in December...every year...was a good thing and a smart idea...should be drawn and quartered.

Soooo......Saturday morning, we were downtown. The big 14-plex theatre every year has one Saturday morning where they show a different kids' movie on each screen, and anyone can get in for free, and they give you free unlimited popcorn and pop. Santa's there for the little kids, and theatre workers walk around handing out candy. We took Kiddo to see Flushed Away, a harmless but pretty forgettable movie from the creator of Wallace and Grommit. The movie got out at about 10:45, and the parade was set to start at 11.

Now, Sweetie and I aren't idiots. We thought it would be cool if Kiddo got to watch the parade, but we weren't about to stand outside with him in that kind of weather. So instead, we walked about three blocks and took refuge in an upscale downtown pizza place called Yia-Yia's.

Being the first ones through the door at 11, we had our choice of tables. We picked a table right next to the giant plate glass windows, ordered an early lunch, and watched the parade in style:

We are so totally going to Yia Yia's again for the parade next year. Great pizza too, with just about any and every topping imaginable available for you to order. A bunch of different cheeses and sauces to choose from as well. I had barbeque sauce with mozzarella cheese, roasted chicken, almonds, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes. A big ol' slice made to order with a salad, a giant hunk o'bread and a pop runs about $5.

Good stuff. Good times.



David said...

What a great memory you gave to kiddo. The parade will be something he talks about for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Our parade is even worse. Colorado Springs, December, AT NIGHT!!! Craziness.

Rev Scott said...

Yeah, ditto on the "what the #%$@ were they thinking planning the @#%!ing parade in December?" Marched in that bad boy four years straight. Best part was going home - no question.

Jealous of the Yia Yia's experience, though - we gotta go when next I am in town.

Susan said...

Wow, that was the most brilliant idea ever, Matt! Nice going with the pizza, warmness, AND parade watching all at once.